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Blue pink pearl

Miraculous pearl Blue Pink Pearl

Continuing for over 50 years in Uwajima, a competitive area for pearl farming
The miraculous pearls that amaze the long-established pearl cultivators.
in your hands
These simple earrings are made with blue-pink pearls that are thickly rolled and have the highest shine .

The size of the pearls is also moderate at 4.5 mm to 5.0 mm .

Not only for business situations, but also for everyday use or as a gift.

We have prepared jewelry that is perfect as a first pearl.

Please choose your pearls from this sheet.

Even if you say it's a blue pink pearl in one bite.

The colors are slightly different.

No two pearls in this world are the same.

The pearl you choose will be the only miraculous pearl in the world.

From an abundance of precious metals

You can choose the metal fittings according to your budget .

Miraculous pearl blue pink pearl 4.5mm earrings

Miraculous pearl blue pink pearl 5.0mm earrings

From customers who purchased

We have received many positive reviews.

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High quality blue pink pearls

to produce


Rich seas, shellfish conditions, and human technology

is essential.

Even if these three conditions are met,

Blue pink pearls are made from over 100,000 Akoya shellfish

Only about 600-1,000 pieces can be harvested per year .

It is a very precious pearl.

The secret of blue pink pearl

Six factors that determine the value of pearls

In order to select the miraculous pearls , we have established evaluation criteria.

There are six .

Terry, roll, color, shape, scratches, size

Determine the value by considering each

All about pearls ~Recently popular pink pearls~

From the time pearls are landed on the shore until they reach the consumer

It is processed using chemicals, or what people call makeup.

During this process, the pearl's original color may fade.

The technique to compensate for this is color toning.

Yamashita Pearl does not require such toning.

Untoned blue pink pearl

We mainly provide.

All these harsh natural conditions

Only pearls that meet the evaluation criteria

miraculous pearl blue pink pearl

You can become

That's why it's so rare.

Out of all the pearls that have been sorted,

Only one can become a miracle pearl

10 grains...

In addition, Yamashita Pearl

Consistent service from cultivation to design to sales

We are doing it.

Because there is no intermediate margin, the beads are of higher quality.

We can offer it at a more reasonable price.

5 things to focus on

30-day free return trial period

is making a profit.

The feel of the material, the size, and when you actually wear it.

I think you can only get a vague idea of ​​what it feels like.

What if it's different from what I imagined?

Please feel free to return it.

30-day return guarantee

Normal packaging is sufficient

Can be used as a gift

This is the specification.

(Example of delivery status)

The special feeling of owning a rare gemstone (pearl)

Please come and taste it.

These are the impressions of customers who have already tasted it↓

To commemorate a special day
To my child who is reaching adulthood
to express my gratitude
To reward yourself for working hard
The only one in the world I gathered
Miraculous pearl Blue Pink Pearl

Amazing beautiful shine

I would like you to get your hands on it at least once.

Miraculous pearl blue pink pearl 4.5mm earrings

Miraculous pearl blue pink pearl 5.0mm earrings

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