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Custom made jewelry

Custom-made jewelry flow

Consultation meeting

Please feel free to contact us here . Please let us know your budget, desired delivery date, design image, etc.

Estimate for design proposal

Based on the content of our discussions via email, phone, fax, etc., the jewelry designer Futoshi himself will create a design proposal and provide an estimate.

Start of production of initial money

Once the design and price have been finalized, please pay half the amount by bank transfer or credit card, and production will begin.

Progress report completed

It usually takes about 1 to 2 months from consultation to completion of the work.
We will report the production process with photos.

Balance payment and delivery

Once production is complete and the remaining amount has been paid, we will ship the product.
The one and only jewelry in the world, just for you, will finally arrive at your fingertips!

For product delivery and payment, please purchase from the "Order made" item .


Free estimates are available for up to 10 patterns per product. A fee will be charged from the 11th pattern onwards.

Up to 10 patterns → Free

11th to 15th pattern → Product cost + ¥3,000 (¥3,000 will be added for every 5 pattern estimates after that.)

Examples of custom-made jewelry ordered in the past

A blessing gift from a mother to her beloved daughter who is getting married.

Material: Akoya pearl (blue pink pearl 8.5mm), white gold, diamond
Designer's Voice:
The elegant blue-pink pearl that shines in seven colors is surrounded by slightly gorgeous diamonds, creating a simple yet beautiful ring with plenty of presence.
This ring can be worn for a variety of occasions, including ceremonial occasions, and we are sure your daughter will be happy with it.

An order from Taiki Sora, a promising new singer from Uwajima.

Material: Akoya pearl, silver, copper, onyx

Designer's Voice:
Since it is larger overall, I made the rope thicker and longer. The longest length is around a woman's stomach, so it can be worn over slightly thicker clothes. The clasp is a hard-looking mantel.

Click here for Sora Daiki-kun’s CD↓
" A hill where you can see the wind "

A gift from a grandmother to her 1 year old granddaughter

Materials: Akoya pearls, 18k gold, diamonds

Designer's Voice:
Use it someday when you grow up, and until then I'll give you lots of love...
As you grow older, I think the number of things that make you feel sad and discouraged will increase, but you can always rely on us...
I'll help you anytime...
I'll always protect you...
I will always give you lots of love...
Because that's family...

Make a family crest out of pearls.

Material: Akoya pearl 5.5mm/9.5mm up, silver 925

Designer's Voice:
This was a request from a customer who tried out accessories at Yukai in the spring. That person's family crest is one circle among nine circles. In other words, it looks like this.

Since it was an elderly person, I wore a stylish loop tie.
What a way to wear a pearl that represents your family's history...
It's very tasteful, isn't it?

A new relationship between pearls and rings

Material: Akoya pearl, K18 gold

Designer's Voice:
The key point is that the pearl is placed inside the ring's inner circle. This gives a clean look and prevents the pearls from spinning around on the ring due to their weight. However, since the pearls come into direct contact with the scalp, they are more likely to get dirty.

shell cameo pendant