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Staff introduction

Representative Futoshi Yamashita

・Born on January 1, 1974 ・Graduated from Kawahara Design School ・Worked for 2 years at a metal engraving company in Osaka ・Became the 3rd generation Yamashita-Pearl ・Winner of Uwajima Pearl Design Contest Jewelry Category Award

Pearls are gemstones that, unless you have sufficient knowledge and an aesthetic eye, it is difficult to tell which ones are good and which ones are bad. That is why we conduct accurate evaluations using our reliable eyes that have been involved with pearls for many years, and offer them at reasonable prices so that as many people as possible can experience the true beauty of Akoya pearls.

Additionally, most of the products we offer are original designs. With themes of nature, family, and love, I use my unique sensibilities to create designs that are different from others, and I would like to create attractive things that make people think, ``It's wonderful!'' and ``I want it!''

Vice Representative Mami Yamashita

I grew up in the mountains, but it has been 20 years since I married in the sea area (as of 2019). At first, I didn't know whether the pearls were real or fake, but I got involved in pearl farming from scratch and learned the details of the process by which pearls are produced.

I learned that the importance of the mountains is closely related to the beautiful sea of ​​Uwajima, and that the appearance of the sea changes dramatically depending on the flow and rotation of the tides, and the large and small creatures that live in the sea.

I learned what is truly important in pearl making. Now that I know this, I can now recommend wonderful pearls with more confidence than ever before.

The beauty of Uwajima pearls, born in such a rich natural environment and the magnificent sea, is truly amazing no matter when you look at it. We would like to recommend Yamashita-Pearl products so that we can firmly convey to our customers our confidence, pride, and responsibility for the pearls we have grown.

Hideyuki Nakamura

I have been involved in pearl farming for 40 years. I have experienced both good and bad things.
It's always difficult to work with nature and living things, but the joy you feel when you create a good pearl is priceless.
Life has its ups and downs, and pearl farming also has its ups and downs.

Yui Kataoka

About pearls I started from nothing. I learned that pearls, which I had never looked closely at before, were actually completely different from each other.

I failed at making jewelry at first, but I can see my skills improving rapidly. It's a fun workplace where things change the more you work.

We would like to continue to make progress every day so that we can deliver high quality jewelry to all our customers.