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Pearl accessory making experience kit

We will deliver a kit that allows you to easily make original accessories at home.

Order flow

  • Please choose Akoya shellfish.
  • You will choose the accessories and metal fittings you want to make.
  • We will email you the shell alphabet and accessory item number. Please enter your customer information.
  • We have attached a video of how to easily remove pearls. If you do not need the video, please write "No video required" .
  • After sending the acceptance email, we will send you a photo of the pearl that was taken out the next day.
  • Pearl removal may be delayed during regular holidays and temporary closures. Orders are possible.


    • All materials are 925 silver.
    • It doesn't necessarily mean that good beads will come out. Also, since it is not processed, it may change color over time. For more information, please see 7. Final makeup processing .
    • Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges.
    • Depending on the shape of the pearl and the extent of the scratches, we may contact you via 2-3 emails. (Position to drill holes, etc.)
    • If you want to make earrings, you will need two Akoya shells. Since it is a natural product, the color, shape, and size may vary.
    • Customers are required to provide tools such as pliers and adhesive.


    • Payment method is cash on delivery only. We will notify you of the payment amount by email.
    • Shipping, cash on delivery fee, labor (drilling, bead polishing, etc.) total 3,500 yen plus.

    Fee calculation method

    Akoya shell fee + accessory metal fittings fee x consumption tax + ¥3,500 = fee

    It becomes.

    Delivery status

    Comes with a simple instruction manual. The case can be used as an accessory box.

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