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About pearls. ✴︎

What is a pearl? ✴︎


There are baby pearls that are less than 6mm in size and 10 to 11mm in size.

Most formal necklaces are approximately 7.5 to 8 mm.


Round, semi-round, oval, drop, baroque...

Pearls are often thought of as round, but some have a variety of shapes.

It's a natural product, so I want to make use of its natural characteristics. ✴︎

Pearls can be worn on important occasions,

Baroque styles give the impression that they can be worn casually.


Some scratches are bound to occur.

Less is better, but it can't be helped because it is made using the power of nature.


A dark interference color of two or more colors is preferable.

Interference color is a mysterious color created by the relationship between light and a transparent thin film. ✴︎

Yamashita Pearl calls it blue pink.


intensity of shine

Strong texture is created when the fine mother-of-pearl layers are lined up neatly without breaking.


This is the thickness of the mother-of-pearl layer.

The more you wrap it, the deeper the color will appear.

⑦Continuous mounting

When used as a necklace, items that use matching pearls are highly evaluated.

There are upcoming seasons, graduation ceremonies, entrance ceremonies, etc.

Please use this as a reference when choosing a pearl necklace. tree

Staff Ishimaru