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The pearls are so sharp! About the shape

Here we will talk about the shape of pearls.

There are two main types: round (round) type and baroque (deformed) type. In other words, it's either round or not round.

Round types include round and semi-round

For baroque style, oval drop baroque semi-baroque twin feather protrusion (tokki)

As you can see, there are many types of baroque style.

If we look at it in detail, oval and drop are symmetrical deformations, while baroque and semi-baroque are asymmetrical deformations.

Twins are two nuclei placed inside a shellfish, which accidentally stick together inside the body and grow as a pearl while remaining attached.

Feathers refer to round pearls with part of them sticking out. The protruding parts are made of mother-of-pearl and are thin.

The protruding part of the protrusion is rounded.

If the mother-of-pearl layer on the protruding parts of the feathers and protrusions overlaps more and more and becomes large and rounded, it will become a high-quality baroque. Will it happen?

One question here. What is the boundary between semi-round and semi-baroque?

The answer is none. There are no boundaries.

So what is the boundary between oval and drop? There isn't.

In this case, each company's skilled staff will select the products based on their own criteria.

We are the same.

Basically, rounds are expensive, so farmers always aim for round shapes. We also carefully check whether the shape of the nucleus used is a perfect circle.

However, I think that only about half of the pearls come out of the shell as round pearls because the partner is natural or living.

Ahhh! difficult!

It's interesting because it's difficult! That's what pearl farming is all about!