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Akoya pearl business card holder from Uwajima

Business card holders are a bit of a hot topic in Uwajima.

We are selling the item at a discounted price only when it is in stock.

You can save ¥1,000 to ¥2,000 from the regular price!

Akoya pearl business card holder from Uwajima

~ Impressions from customers who purchased ~

I'm going to another prefecture for work.

My hometown of Uwajima

I bought this because I wanted something that I could feel.

To my son who will become a new member of society

I bought it as a gift.

very happy every day

I am using.

Luxury that exceeds the price

I ended up bragging about it again.

The pearls are stuck together surprisingly well.

〜〜〜For your peace of mind when purchasing〜〜〜

When a pearl and metal collide
Which one do you think will get hurt?

Actually, it's metal!

Extremely sharp objects or inexplicable objects

as long as no pressure is applied

It won't hurt.

However, it is weak against acids.

Touching things with sweaty hands or eating vinegared foods

If you spill something, wipe it up with a tissue.

There are some minor changes to the design

From the start of sales until now

There are reports of pearls being lost.

there is no.

So please purchase with confidence.


for design

Can also be used as a accessory case

You can use it.

Delivered in stylish wrapping

The brilliance of Akoya pearls from Uwajima

Attracts attention in business situations

Along with improving your stylish image

Let's remember ourselves

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Akoya pearl business card holder from Uwajima