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Speaking of May

Speaking of May, yes! It's Mother's Day✨

How about gifting pearl accessories to your stylish mother?

↑This is a pin brooch

Perfect for any outfit.

↑This is also a pin brooch

Take your fashion to the next level with a cute and elegant design!

↑This is earrings

These are very gorgeous earrings.

When I actually put it on

It has a presence but is not too flashy and has an elegant impression.

With a rounded design

These are adult earrings that are not too cute.

↑This is a pendant necklace

A unique necklace made of pearls, wood, and silver.

Gray 8mm pearls sway within the square.

Even though it has a sharp impression, it is a product that allows you to feel the warmth of handmade work.

Due to the small number of these products

It may be sold out.

Thank you for your understanding.

In addition to this

We handle a variety of things.

If you have any concerns, please

Please contact us via LINE or email.

We are waiting for you♪