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ベビーパール 選別

Baby pearl sorting

We select baby pearls (pearls up to 6mm in size).

Beautiful, but very small

The work of putting in the nucleus and sorting it out makes my eyes and shoulders nervous (lol)

When cultivating pearls, a by-product called ``keshi'' is obtained.

(Keshi pearl: A general term for pearls without a nucleus, which are formed when nacre is wrapped around foreign objects such as sand grains or insects that have entered the mother oyster.)

The pearls that we often see are created by artificially inserting a nucleus.

Keshi pearls are rare because they are a natural product that is created by chance.

Most of them are small, about a few millimeters in size.

take a look.

I couldn't help but laugh at the big size.

What exactly is wrapped in nacre?

I'm very worried,,,.